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1st Grade Busy Bee Classroom News 1.13.19

Curriculum Corner - Weekly News

Ask me what I’m learning!
Ask me what I’m learning!
Math- How do I determine an unknown addend? How do I solve unknown addend addition and subtraction problems? How do I solve word problems utilizing strategies?
Writing­- How do I write an opinion writing piece?
Daily 5/Language Arts- How do I determine who is telling the story?
Phonics- What are letters and letter blends? How do I read and write familiar sight words?
IB Unit: Geography influences our community. 

IB Unit: The Hills are Alive
Central Idea: Geography influences our community
Learner Profile Traits:
Open Minded
Lines of Inquiry
-Earth has many features
-Circumstances determine where people live
-Humans investigate the unknown in various ways

How can you help at home?
As you are driving/riding the bus- have a discussion with your child about the changes in the scenery.
Discuss trips you have taken as a family and where the houses/buildings are located- Ex: Were they right on the beach or away from the water? Were the buildings on the side of the mountain or at the bottom of the mountain?

Encourage them at home to be reflective by:
-Discussing how their ideas of exploration has changed over the course of the unit.
- Discuss which IB learner profile your child utilized the most during the new unit?
-Encourage your child to think about what they have learned so far this year—how are these units connected? What have you learned about the world around you?

Encourage them at home to be open-minded by: -
Discussing how the exploration of new land might change your perspective -Discuss how people would work together, trust others, and/or take someone else’s advice -Ask your child to think of ways they can listen and learn from others. Being open minded embodies the ability to do this!

Encourage them at home to be knowledgeable by:
Discussing land-forms with you and where they are located (I.e. Valleys are located in between mountains) -Discussing Lewis, Clark, and Sacagawea - Describe the Corps of Discovery and the difficulties of the journey they experienced.

Here is a fun landform memory game: Or for more difficulty try:

Researching landforms
Creating and describing landforms 
Click here to research more at home. 

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