Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Tiger Reading Challenge…Ready......BEGIN!!!!

Tiger Reading Challenge

The Tiger Reading Challenge has started! The September challenge for ALL students is to read 600 minutes this month. You have until October 1, 2018 to log minutes into Biblionasium. (Late minutes WILL NOT COUNT. Make sure you submit them on time.) Read books, magazines, newspapers, RAZ kids, the cereal box at breakfast – ANYTHING. Just read. Exercise your brain. Read more about the challenge and watch some videos about Biblionasium on the Tiger Reading Program Page. 
Good LUCK!

Publix Math Night

Publix Math Night
Please join us for a math scavenger hunt at Publix where students will discover how to connect math concepts with real world experiences. Please plan to attend with your child.
When:  Thursday, October 4                                          
Where: Publix Paces Ferry Center, 2451 Cumberland Pkwy SE, Atlanta, GA, 30339
Time: 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. (Teachers will be present until 6:30 p.m.)

Friday, September 14, 2018

News 9.17.18

Weekly News

Daily 5  Literacy Centers - to encourage independent inquiry, reading, and writing activities!   

Listen to Reading/ Inquiry/ Research
Everyday the students are encouraged to research something new!!!! We use to listen to information about whatever we are curious about. We record our information in our inquiry journal. 

Read to Self/ Someone 
We enjoy a few minutes to read to our self and a buddy everyday. We can choose a just right book and spend a few minutes learning to love reading!!!

Work on Writing - 
Big BOOKS, Mini books, Flap books, and Scrolls!!! OH MY!!!!

As part of our Units of Inquiry we are learning how to share our information by making a variety of books and writing scrolls. The children LOVE making flip books, pop up books, scrolls, and other fun ways to share their information!!!! If you are able, we would greatly appreciate any paper that you would like to donate! Thank you for encouraging our inquiring minds to share information in creative ways!  

Work on Words-
Students participate in a variety of activities to practice phonics skills and build reading fluency. 


Share Time
At the end of each center time, someone gets to share their work with the whole group. They call on their classmates to critique their work. They are given 3 stars (3 things that are done well) and a wish (1 thing to work on for next time). 

MInds in MOtion

Saturday, September 8, 2018

News 9.10.18

We had lots of fun at Football Friday and Family Fun Night! Thank you to everyone who volunteered and came out to play! :0)

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Supply orders are almost 100% filled.  We are still waiting on a few things, but the majority of items have been delivered.  We had an unbelievable amount of participation and that coupled with all the other schools in the county ordering at the same time has slowed down our delivery.  We have also had to order from multiple vendors due to the high number of supplies we were ordering.  We so appreciate the support of the parents and the teachers in this first year of the fundraiser!  I assure you that your students are not going without and the classroom communities are working together to support every student.  #TeasleyTigers

Monday, September 3, 2018

Fall Family Fun Day

THIS Friday-  September 7 - 5-7pm 

Your favorite field day activities will be available including 4 Square, sack races, scooter races, field goal kicking and more! The ever-popular dunk tank will return and you will have a chance to dunk Coach Homansky for a $1 donation to support our new sport court. Pizza, water, chips, candy and an ice cream truck will be available for purchase. Please return the order form by Tuesday, September 4 to reserve your pizza and water. PTA looks forward to seeing you and your family! We will also need plenty of volunteers to help make this event fantastic! If you would like to serve that evening, please visit this link to sign-up-

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Weekly NEWS

Please connect to DOJO for quick reminders and pictures of minds in motion!!! :0) 
Just a reminder, Your child should be reading 20 minutes daily. Books and minutes can be logged into their Biblionasium log in. Be sure to check out Mrs. Crosby’s blog: 
There are tons of resources on her page

Please be sure to return all order forms for t-shirt orders. by Tuesday. We are very excited to have new first grade shirts!  

Be on the lookout for a field trip permission slip- it’s coming soon!  

Our CoGAT testing is this week – We need your help to have it run smoothly. Please ensure that your child gets plenty of rest, eats a good breakfast, and gets to school on time! Testing begins at 8:00 am. 

Important Dates

September 5th-7th: 
CoGAT testing 

September 7th: 
Back to Football Friday 

September 11th: 
Willy’s Spirit Night 

September 21st: 
Dress Down Day $1 

October 4th: 
Publix Math Night 

Saturday, August 25, 2018


Blog Post
FROZEN FRIDAYS are coming! Support our 5th graders by purchasing a FROZEN FRIDAY pass. With a FROZEN FRIDAY pass, your child will receive a real fruit, no sugar added frozen treat every Friday of the school year. You can purchase an annual pass for $30 or a quarterly pass for $10. Buying an annual pass saves you $10!  See the order form for additional details.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
August 29th: This Wednesday is Early Release. Students will be dismissed at 12:30 pm.

Tues. August 30th: 

PTA and IB information night  

Monday, Set. 3 - Labor Day- No School

 September 5th-7th: 

CoGAT testing 

September 11th: 

Willy’s Spirit Night 

If you would like to get a Frozen Friday Pass. Be on the look out for the paperwork on Monday. 

Ask me what I’m learning! 
Writing- How do I write an opinion writing piece? How do I edit my work?  
Daily 5/Language Arts- How do I ask and answer questions about key details in a text? What is the difference between fiction and non-fiction text?  
Phonics- What are letters and letter blends? 
Social Studies: Who was Theodore Roosevelt and why is he important to our nation’s histor
MathHow do I make a ten? How do I count multiple tens? What does expanded form mean?   
As we move into further understanding of math concepts- it is important to work on these concepts at home. A few ways you may help is:  

  • Begin discussing that a dime is equal to ten cents- see if your child can count by tens utilizing some dimes 
  • Have students count forwards and backwards starting from random numbers. For example, starting at 32 count forwards OR starting at 47 count backwards.  
  • Discuss what the word value means with your child 

Notes: All about CoGAT

 Information will be coming home soon about a test your child will be participating in called CoGAT. This test is to better assist your child’s teacher in understanding how they think. There is nothing you need to do to prepare with the exception of having your child to school on time, with a full tummy (breakfast), and plenty of rest. This will help your child focus on the task at hand.

Tiger Reading Challenge…Ready......BEGIN!!!!

Tiger Reading Challenge The Tiger Reading Challenge has started! The September challenge for ALL students is to read 600 minutes ...